Our vision

ICET’s commitment is to prepare young people for the world of the 21st Century. We seek to support today’s global youth in developing life skills that enable them to explore their own ways to lead successful lives in the world. We believe in the empowerment of young people to lead happy and successful lives with spirit, inspiration and creativity.


We believe that by developing your skills in the following it becomes possible to establish the foundation of life skills needed in this changing world.

  • Acquisition of real communicative English
  • Development of self awareness and independence
  • Establishment of wider relationships with better communication
  • Exploration and broadening of skills and talents
  • Maturing emotionally
  • Cross-cultural understanding and friendship
  • Gaining skills in studying and living for the future
  • Global knowledge and insight
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Collection, analysis and use of information
  • Computer technology competence
  • Flexibility

Involving Curriculum

Within the wide range of curriculum, students can choose subjects that reflect their own interests. Some examples of interesting subjects available are visual art, music, textile design, wood work, food technology, photography and sports. To develop their personal and international awareness, ICET provides a Cultural Awareness and Personal Development Program in which students reflect on different types of personalities and discuss current global issues. The Ambassador Program encourages students to reflect on their own culture so they can share it with Australian students. Lessons are conducted in a variety of ways with the use of technology and discussion.

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