ICET is Unique

ICET is an organisation that has been dedicated to helping students learn English since 1990. We are an English language school that is fully integrated into Australian school learning, allowing you to fully participate in Australian school life and learn English in separate, supportive, specialised classes. ICET aims to help you learn English whilst maintaining your native language skills. Your English will develop as you live with an Australian family, interact with students at an Australian school and become part of the local community. Grow as a person so you can join the global community prepared for life in a world of change whilst living contented and fulfilled lives as world citizens. ICET staff are here to help anyone who is willing to be an active participant in their own learning. Our teachers are committed, professionally qualified, have lived and studied as overseas students, have a depth of cross-cultural and personal development experience, and are attuned to the needs and growth of our students. ICET is fully registered under Australian Government programs to supply English language courses. We are a registered CRICOS provider and a member of NEAS and English Australia. We are also registered with the NSW Department of Education’s international secondary school students exchange program.

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  • NEAS認定校
  • CRICOS-Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas 認定校

オーストラリアの高校留学はICETにお任せください。ICETはオーストラリアの現地高校と共同で、日本人高校生を対象とした留学プログラムの開発および提供を行っている、オーストラリア連邦政府のCRICOSおよびNEASの認可を得ている教育機関です。 20年以上の経験と常に変革を続ける教育プログラムは幅広い分野で実績を残し、日本における英語教育のみならず、オーストラリア社会からも高い評価と信頼を得ています。